Ms. Pauline Ng - Educational Psychologist



Registered Educational Psychologist (HKPS)
M. Soc. Sc. (Educational Psychology, HKU)
Diploma of Education (CUHK)
B. A (Psychology, Texas, USA)

Pauline graduated in the University of Texas. She then returned to Hong Kong to serve as teaching demonstrator in the Department of Psychology of the University of Hong Kong. She subsequently earned her Master degree of Educational Psychology in HKU and Diploma of Education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was Visiting Lecturer of Department of Applied Social Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, teaching various courses on early education and child development. She was also commissioned by the Education Bureau to deliver trainings to teachers and parents in nurturing gifted schoolchildren.

Pauline then emigrated to the United States for several years and returned to Hong Kong in 2012, when she started developing her career of school-based educational psychologist, accumulating voluminous experience in child assessment and training of students with Special Educational Needs. She is also an active educator, having delivered numerous lecturers to teachers and parents on various topics – multiple intelligences, special educational needs, attentional problems, and learning difficulties, to name a few.

Pauline deeply concerns the well-being and development of then children in Hong Kong when the early learning environment has become increasingly competitive in recent years. She is a strong advocate for attention to the children’s emotional needs, empowerment of parents in their child-raising skills and the creation of nurturing environment, both at home and at school, for the optimal development of our young generation.


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