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Ms. Jacobi Shing

Clinical Psychologist

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Hong Kong Psychological Society)
Accredited Clinical Psychologist, Department of Health (HKSAR)
M. Soc. Sc. (Clinical Psychology, CUHK)
B. Sc. (Psychology, 1st Class Honour, CUHK)

Ms. Jacobi Shing has almost 10 years of experience in the field of clinical psychology in Hong Kong. She was professionally trained in Hong Kong and overseas, including the United State, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom. Ms. Shing is a member of Register of Clinical Psychologists  accredited by Department of Health of HKSAR Government.


Ms. Shing has practiced in different settings, including the Hospital Authority, non-profit organizations, and education institutes. In recent years, Ms. Shing is dedicated to serving adolescents and young adults. She believes that early interventions are important during this challenging developmental stage. She also provides professional training and consultation services to teachers and social workers in school settings.


Ms. Shing has served as an honourary clinical supervisor in both the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, providing on-site clinical supervision to clinical psychology trainees. Besides, Ms. Shing has  been invited to be a guest lecturer of HKU SPCAE.


Ms. Shing adopts a client-centered and integrated approach to psychological treatment, including cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and mindfulness and self-compassion interventions. She also offers dialectical behavior therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to manage more complex psychological issues or traumatic experiences. Ms. Shing is dedicated to the practice of mindfulness and compassion meditation. She has completed a mindful communication program and MBSR Foundations teacher training. She has also obtained the “Trained Teacher” Status of a Mindful Self-Compassion Program for Teens & Young Adults (Making Friends with Yourself).




ms poon

Ms. Rhonda Poon

Clinical Psychologist

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Hong Kong Psychological Society)
M. Soc. Sc. (Clinical Psychology, HKU)
B. Sc. (Psychology, University of Surrey)

Trained and educated in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Australia, Ms. Poon is a registered clinical psychologist with experience in multi-cultural and international settings. As well as in private practice, she has worked at schools and non-profit organisations. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults with special education needs, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Ms. Poon supports persons of all ages through assessment of developmental and emotional difficulties and psychological intervention. In treatment, she integrates aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral modification with a systemic approach.  Her broad experience across different settings and working with interdisciplinary teams has given her the necessary skills to provide contextual support for individuals and their families.


Ms. Wendy So

Senior Counsellor


M Soc Sc (Counselling)(South Australia) 
Certified PREPARE / ENRICH Practitioner 
Associate Fellow (Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association)

Ms. So is an Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. She is an experienced Psychological Counsellor with over 20 years of clinical counselling experiences. She was specialized in pre-marital counselling with the use of the PREPARE / ENRICH inventory which assists the soon-to-be married couple to have an overview of the marriage, their family of origin, individuals' personalities, communication patterns as well as their new roles in the family. Through pre-marital counselling, couple pursuing a life-long relationship with mutual respect and acceptance.

Family is the cornerstone in society. Ms. So is experienced in handling issues within couples and family members by providing guidance, parenting skills and training for both parents and their children. In recent years, she gets along with many SEN children and adolescents who suffering from different psychological and emotional issues especially in school. She also provides emotional support for SEN parents who have a strong feeling of being accepted and accompanied.

Life is full of ups and downs, she helps individuals to identify their needs, accept themselves and strength individuals' self-awareness, so that they can feel better of themselves and find new ways to face their problems.


  • Pre-material Counselling and Marriage Enrichment (Prepare / Enrich Inventory)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Child and Adolescent Counselling
  • SEN Counselling


Counsellor/Family Therapist


M Soc Sc (Counselling) (South Australia) | M Soc Sc (Marriage and Family Therapy)

Mr. Fung is Associate Counsellor and Family Therapist of Parks Psychological and Family Services. He is full Member of Asian Academy of Family Therapy and Professional Member of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Mr. Fung graduated with distinction as Master of Social Sciences in Marriage and Family Therapy in University of Hong Kong, under direct mentorship of world-famous family therapist Dr. Wai-yung Lee. He is currently mentored by clinical psychologist Dr. Rachel Poon.

Apart from his practice as healthcare professional, Mr. Fung also provides counselling service for children, couples and families. He is committed to strive for the holistic health and wellbeing of the local population with his unique blend of expertise.

Mr. Fung is also active in writing. His articles on child health and family life appear frequently on online parenting platforms and his personal blog. He has delivered numerous lectures and seminars for schools, parents’ organizations, social services agencies on various topics.


  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Directive Play Therapy for children and adolescents
  • Motivational Interviewing for adolescents
  • Parenting Counselling and Guidance
  • Circle of SecurityTM Parenting Course

Dr. Aurelius Wai-ching FUNG Founder •Principal Consultant

Dr. Charlotte Tang, Ph.D.

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Hong Kong Psychological Society)
Accredited Clinical Psychologist, Department of Health (HKSAR)
Associate Fellow (Hong Kong Psychological Society)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (California, USA)

Dr. Charlotte Tang has over 15 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology in Hong Kong, United States and Canada. She has worked with many adult clients suffering from various emotional and behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive issues, trauma, eating disorder, gender identity/orientation issues and prenatal/postpartum distress. She has also treated numerous children suffering from depression and anxiety as well as other developmental challenges such as attention deficit/hyperactive behaviors, autism and communication issues.

Dr. Tang mainly adopts a Psychodynamic approach in her clinical work. She received intensive training and possesses in-depth clinical experience working with infants and young children as well as their families at various locations in the United States such as Children’s Hospital Oakland, Through the Looking Glass*, and San Francisco General Hospital at University of California San Francisco.

During her clinical training in the United States, Dr. Tang became the first Chinese psychologist to obtain Harris-Fraiberg Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California San Francisco (United States) in the Department of Psychiatry’s Infant-Parent Program.

Dr. Tang’s other clinical and research interests include Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Theory, Object Relations and Attachment Theory. 

 *Through the Looking Glass - National Centre for Children and Families with Disabilities is a nationally recognized center in the United States that has pioneered research, training and services for families of children with disabilities.


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